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Can’t decide what to do or simply hate planning? Inspire yourself with these itineraries so you can have the best possible experience in Singapore. Whether you prefer to jam-pack your holiday with adventure, or meander off the beaten path, you’ll find something here to suit your style of travelling!


The Hidden Green Heart of Singapore

While Singapore is very modern, clean and built-up, it has its fair share of attractions off the well-paved roads, and into places where you can be more at one with nature. Once a sleepy fishing village, Singapore’s many villages, or …READ MORE »


High Tea on a Lazy Afternoon

Tired of the city’s frenetic pace and constant cacophony? Slip away from the hustle and bustle, and spend a long, leisurely afternoon with friends at high tea. Sink into plump, comfy armchairs and enjoy a nibble of scones, cakes, and …READ MORE »


Warm your belly with Bak Kut Teh

A bowl of rich, steaming hot soup filled with chunks of juicy, tender pork ribs – few things warm the stomach quite as well as bak kut teh on a rainy day. The dialect name of this dish actually means …READ MORE »


Snack like a local – on kopi and toast

The morning sun beats down gently on the pavement. In the cool shade of the local coffee shop, the breakfast crowd sips on cups of steaming hot coffee, and tucks into toast and eggs. Just another day in sunny Singapore. …READ MORE »


A love affair with crabs

With easy access to the freshest catch from the nearby seas, it’s no surprise Singaporeans love seafood. In fact, the tiny island state consumes a staggering 100,000 tonnes of it each year. Fish, prawns, squid, mussels, clams, and the crowd …READ MORE »


Hunting Down the Quaint Shopping Alleys

With a population of nearly six million and growing, the pressure cooker that is Singapore has radically transformed since its humble beginning as a small fishing settlement. Just over 50 years later, this small city is now one of the …READ MORE »


Nightlife in Singapore

There is a frenetic energy to Singapore, but it’s the ever-sleek façade of her well- manicured cityscape that makes this Southeast Asian destination stand out. By day, Singapore is rammed with urban activity; buses and trains are packed to the …READ MORE »


A day in Singapore: A family vacation

Being small has its perks, and Singapore – comprising a population that averages 5 million people – has certainly turned its size into advantage with an impressive user-friendly transport system. This makes for easy navigation, and a great place to …READ MORE »


Singapore on a shoestring

Keep your budget intact but your wanderlust gratified when visiting Singapore. With a little ingenuity, one can be pampered with all the luxuries of this first-class nation at a steal. Even before stepping into Singapore, get bargain prices on airline …READ MORE »


The Arts & Music scene in Singapore

A girl, draped in white Grecian robes, hangs like a Christmas ornament from a crane that dangles lowly from the road. The crane whirls around in circles, the girl along with it, while dancing in mid-air to thumping, exotic beats …READ MORE »

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